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We have moved to

Our new home is right behind bus stop 6 and we have car parking available at the rear of our property. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Welcome to Agedcare Alternatives

AgedCare Alternatives is a free information service that helps older people, their carers and families, to find and understand information about aged care services. 

We offer a personalised, face to face consultation at our centre, located at Highgate, or answers your enquiries made by telephone or email.

Your Safety

Safety is important to every one as an older person there is a range of services that will help you remain safe in the community.

Your Accommodation

There are a range of housing options available for you when you retire. We have gathered information about the most common types.

Your Plans

To plan for you future requires accurate information. We provide some key links to help you gather some useful information.

Your Care

Whether you wish to have services in your own home or want assistance in a residential care facility we have information for you

How can we help you?

Agedcare Alternatives can help you navigate the challenges of planning a great outcome for you or someone you are caring for. Get in touch and we will be happy to help you out.