Are you confused about the energy bill relief rebate?

The Australian government is partnering with state and territory governments to provide energy bill relief rebates for eligible households and small businesses.

Eligible householders in South Australia can get up to $500 a year:

  • paid as a quarterly credit of $125, for people receiving electricity bills, or
  • a one-off bank account payment for people living in embedded networks.

Small businesses can get up to $650 a year (Paid as a quarterly credit of $162.50).

To get the rebate in South Australia you must have an eligible concession.

The rebate is in addition to the South Australian energy concession. If you are already receiving an existing energy concession in SA, you don’t need to do anything to receive the rebate, you would have started receiving the rebate from July 2023.

If you don’t receive the energy concession, check if you are eligible first, visit the SA Government website.

Some people will be eligible for the rebate but not a concession. To apply for the rebate, you will need to provide information to Services Australia or to your energy retailer.

Who is eligible for the rebate?

  • Your name must appear on the electricity bill
  • You must have one of these:
    • Pensioner Concession Card
    • Health Care Card (including Low Income Health Care Card)
    • DVA Gold Card
    • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
    • Family Tax Benefit A or B
    • Carer Allowance
  • Or, you must be eligible for the South Australian energy concession

A household can only receive a single rebate, even if there is more than one eligible person living there.

Eligibility is checked quarterly, and you only need to be eligible on one day in a quarter to receive the rebate for that quarter.

Do you live in an Embedded Network Household or generate your own energy?

Embedded network household are those households that get their electricity from their strata or landlord in a caravan park, apartment building or retirement home or village.

If you are receiving the existing energy concession or were recently approved, you don’t need to do anything, you should receive a one-off payment of $500 directly into your bank account, in addition to the energy concession. Check your bank statement for a payment description starting with DHS AP followed by a series of numbers.

You only need to apply if you were directed to do so by Service’s Australia, Concessions SA or your energy retailer.

For further support please call Agedcare Alternatives on 8408 4600 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or email

See our next news item for information on the existing South Australian energy concessions.



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