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care finder program – AgedCare Alternatives Advisers

AgedCare Alternatives have been contracted by the Adelaide PHN to deliver care finder services to senior Australians who are homeless or at risk of homelessness or have multiple reasons for requiring intensive support to interact with My Aged Care, access aged care services and/or access other relevant supports in the community in the Adelaide Metro regions.

AgedCare Alternatives have also been contracted by the Country SA PHN to deliver care finder services to senior Australians who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Hills Mallee Southern, Riverland and South-East regions.

These services will be delivered by AgedCare Alternatives Advisers.

Agedcare Alternatives Advisers are experience social workers or aged care professionals who have a wealth of knowledge of My Aged Care and other relevant supports in the community.

When you work with an AgedCare Alternatives Adviser they will:

  • listen and understand
  • respect your decisions
  • respect your individuality
  • work with you in partnership
  • be honest and reliable
  • do what we say they will do
  • work with you towards your goals

You will be at the centre of all we do!      

You can make a referral by phoning 8408 4600. You can also email us on info@agedcarealternatives.net.au.



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