Do you realise when caring for someone you can be paid?

There are a range of financial supports available to help you if you provide ongoing care for someone.

You may be eligible for different payments, depending on your circumstances and the circumstances of those you care for.

There are two different payments:

  • Carer Payment
  • Carer Allowance

Carer Payment

Carer payment is an income support payment if you give constant care to someone who has a disability, has a severe medical condition, or is an adult who is frail aged.

To receive the Carer Payment, you must:

  • be an Australian resident
  • care for someone who is an Australian resident
  • care for one or more people who have care needs that score high enough on the assessment tool.
  • care for someone who has had these needs for at least 6 months
  • be under the pension income and assets test limits

For more information on the Carer Payment please follow the link

Carer Allowance

The carer allowance is a fortnightly supplement if you give additional daily care to someone who has a disability, has a medical condition, or is frail aged.

To get this you must:

  • care for someone whose care needs score is high enough on the adult or child assessment tools
  • care for someone who’ll have these needs for at least 12 months
  • meet an income test.

For more information on the Carer Allowance please follow the link

Carer Supplement

The Carer supplement is an annual payment which is attached to each care allowance, the supplement is paid in July each year. You do not need to apply for Carer Supplement, if you are eligible you will automatically be paid straight into your bank account.

Other benefits and payments for carers

Carers may also be eligible for other payments, visit the payments page on Centrelink website, see general benefits and payments If you wish to have more information and forms on carers payment sent out to you, please contact Aged Care Alternatives on 8408 4600 or follow the links in our website



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