What is My Aged Care?

My Aged Care is the Australian Government’s aged care system for older Australians. The My Aged Care website and Contact Centre (1800 200 422) provide information on ageing and aged care and how to access the Australian Governments funded aged care services.

To access government funded aged care services for the first time you need to check your eligibility and if eligible, apply for an assessment, this can be done online or through the Contact Centre. The answers to the questions asked through the application process will determine what type of assessment you will have. You will be allocated an Aged Care Identification number at this point.

There are two types of assessments that work out your care needs and what types of care you may be eligible for:

When your needs / circumstances change you can request a reassessment by contacting the contact centre.

After your assessment you will find out if you are eligible for subsidised aged care services and which types. You will then need to find a Service Provider to deliver these services.

The online find a provider tool can help you find and compare aged care services providers in your area or your assessor or the contact centre can also help you find a service provider that meets your needs.

We recommend that you find out about how much you may be required to pay for services by contacting service providers or the contact centre. You may need to complete a financial assessment through Services Australia.

You or your representative can track the progress of your assessment using myGov as well as:

  • Updating your personal information.
  • Seeing letters and how long you may need to wait if you have been approved for a Home Care Package.
  • Seeing your assessors and service providers contact details.
  • Updating the details of people, you have given permission to see your information.
  • Seeing information about your assessments, referrals for services and support plan.

Log in at myGov and link to My Aged Care, you may be asked to call My Aged Care to activate your account.



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