What would you do in the case of an emergency?

As Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is true in so many things in life but never more so than in an emergency.  Here are some great resources to assist you in planning for those unwanted situations.

Home fire escape plan

Every household should have an emergency evacuation plan, keeping your family, loved ones and pets safe. Too many households are not prepared, for situations like these and place themselves in great danger.

By working out an escape safety plan, it could save your life.

Once a fire starts within the home, it only takes a few minutes to engulf your home, here are some practical and safeguard tips to consider from the Metropolitan Fire Service, while your family self-develop an escape plan.

Bush fire safety plan

Climate change is on the increase, affecting our landscape with catastrophic effects, we will be looking at how families or people that live alone can develop an easy step to step guide.

Here is the link to 7 key guides to survive a bush fire, from Country Fire Service, as part of developing a bushfire survival plan.

Flood and storm emergency plan

We have seen quite recently, the effects of flooding in many interstate regions and the long-lasting lifestyle changes, that communities have had to endure, both financially and emotionally.

As reported in the media this week, there are many areas in metropolitan and rural South Australia that have a high risk of flooding.

If you live, work or are visiting a flood prone area, there are five things The State Emergency Service suggest you can do, to prepare, for a flood emergency.

Emergency care plan

Are you caring for someone, whether a fulltime carer at home or caring outside of your home?  As we are talking about emergency plans, have you considered what you would do if something happened to either of you.

Planning in case of an emergency is very important, especially when you receive a call saying your loved one has been rushed to hospital or their current health condition has declined.

Developing an emergency care plan with all the information about the person, will be of great benefit for any health professional and to give peace of mind to all involved.

Follow the link to start planning

If you wish to have more information on any of these emergency plans, please contact Aged Care Alternatives on 8408 4600 or follow the links in our website.



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